Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ethnic flower vases

Wooden flower vase with a glass tube...

Onion vase
Combining mass production with a one of a kind product in order to create a difference between the vases, similar to nature.

The Hidden vase
The Hidden Vase was so named because the central shaft of the vase was practically hidden from the branch like, or vein like structure around it. I love that versatility of form.

Nekko Bud vase
Nekko Bud Vase, is made of a plastic, that looks and feels like ceramic, but is more durable. It is formed in shape of a root in 3D.

Grass vase
Have a look at this beautiful ceramic “Grass” vase. “Grass has a very na├»ve ceramic expression that is both uplifting and amusing”.

Spiral Bud vase-Bowl
Each bud vase showcases a single stem with minimalist elegance.

Individually slip-cast porcelain branches tied up together to create a sculptural free-form vase.

Globe  and  Elbow Bud Vases
          Complete with a white orchid set at a rakish angle, this bud vase combines a round, tapered band of Nambe alloy and a glass center into an objet d’art suitable for any room in the house.

Adaptation Vases
            It is designed with 4 magnets set in an aluminum base, plus 4 glass tubes and 4 stainless steel spheres.  The tube vases may be tilted, swayed, and turned into desired configurations.

Decorative flower vase  from

                                              Itz really cool to see the Bikini flower vase  right :-)

                                                            An elegant Rock flower vase


                                        A chic Glass flower vase  from

A trendy Table centerpiece

A unique Table centerpiece  which is really a masterpiece


  1. awsome collections.luv the table center piece.

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