Friday, August 6, 2010

Style Mantra

A western model wearing a Snake printed leggings which really suits with her style...

              Leggings are fitted clothing that covers the leg. Most leggings are made from a blend of materials including lycra, Spandex, cotton, polyester, or nylon.More recently, shiny leggings have been in fashion, especially worn with kurti dresses When paired together, tunic dresses with leggings are a great outfit for many reasons.
                    This fashion s strictly for normal to average height women..the more taller,flabby,out of shape women plz trust me stay away from the leggings while wearing kurtas. Otherwise u vl b the joker b4 others..even my hus passed funny command about a known women who was wearing leggings without suiting wear smthing which suits u and dont go for such poisonous tests...If you can, try to look out for some chudi pants. They look kinda like leggings but are fitted till the knee and then ruched up down.

                    Always wear clothing which suits u rather than sticking into latest fashion in the tinsel town...

                 Don't wear beautiful clothes, wear the one which gets beauty bcoz of u  :-)

A typical leggings with Indian kurta

A model wearing black trendy leggings which is a perfect choice for evening parties...

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