Saturday, February 26, 2011

IKEBANA- traditional Japanese flower arrangement

               Ikebana ("living flowers") is the Japanese art of flower arrangement also known as Kado ("the way of flowers")..Contrary to the idea of floral arrangement as a collection of particolored or multicolored arrangement of blooms, ikebana often emphasizes other areas of the plant, such as its stems and leaves, and draws emphasis toward shape, line, form... This arrangement may consist of only a minimal number of blooms interspersed among stalks and leaves...

                Ikebana arose from early Buddhist offerings and grew throughout the fifteenth century into an art form with many styles and schools...There are many schools, of which the most popular are Ikenobo, Sogetsu and Ohara. There are also different styles depending on the school and the plants and vase used...sure it can be implemented for our home decoration with ease....

         after knowing about this iam so impressed and so thought of sharing with u all and hope u will love this...the arrangements showcased here are from the Ikebana workshop in Tamilnadu by Sogetsu...


  1. hi..... i have a small garden at my place and there are many plants.... but can i use leaves and flowers of any plant for ikebana or should i use only specific flowers and leaves of few plants...

  2. of course leaves play a major role here...and the idea behind ikebana is "to keep the flowers alive" by using leaves,flowers,twigs,stems and even thorns...u r lucky to ve those n ur garden :-)

  3. They are all so beautiful!!

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