Thursday, March 17, 2011

GopalSwami Khetanchi- an eminent artist

          Here i flattered with another artist's work after seeing his amazing "Bani Thani" painting in my friend's house...He is GopalSwami Khetanchi-a talented artist whose style cannot be described in one word, Khetanchi's works have been in many style from romanticism to deep realism...
         He was born and brought up in Rajasthan in an area surrounded by sand dunes...He was able to see nature's special colours,tone and texture in them...He grew up appreciating the history and the rich variety of the land of the brave warriors and fell in love with the unparalleled beauty of Rajput women as can be seen from his paintings...
         He has won several awards and his works have been exhibited widely in India...some of his wonderful "oil with canvas" paintings are here for you and iam sure my blogger friend Neelima will love this :-)

 "Bani Thani"-a recreation of the  Mona Lisa(2007)


"Basant Bahar"-spring(2008)



  1. True,i totally loved his paintings....... amazing art work.....the 2nd painting is fantastic......

  2. Totally love love his paintings... so so gorgeous!! :-)

  3. Namastay Sir,

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