Monday, August 15, 2011

Rachana Saurabh -with creations as her life

In this Independence day i would love to feature my blogger friend Rachana Saurabh of essence of arts who lives abroad but passionate on her culture art where she makes waves....Rachana Saurabh claims "creations" as her life....with her inborn talent painting she is creating wonderful arts which is inspiring....from acrylic to one stroke, fingertip for an art lover iam fascinated on her creations and thought of sharing this amazing post with you....

This art is apt for today-the lady holding our national flower Lotus
                                                                 "Padma-Madly in Love"
                         (Iam happy to say this name is suggested by me and gonna own one, Thanks Rachana)

                                                                      One stroke painting

                                          "Vasant / Spring Time" (a painting from her school days)

Recently apart from art she is designing ethnic jewellery too...iam flattered with her handmade jewelleries...have a look at them, they are simply stunning....

                                                           Shop her creations from etsy...

                           HAPPY  INDEPENDENCE  DAY  TO  MY  INDIAN  FRIENDS


  1. Truly Rachana is a blessed artistic person... Thanks for showcasing her work.. The jewellery is beautiful... Suits the present fashion trend. Happy Independence Day Nisha:)

  2. Happy Independence day Nisha!
    Rachana your paintings are good.

  3. I love her paintings:) and name you gave is perfect. Happy Independence Day:)

  4. thnk u dear frndz _reva &pradeepa &radhika &rama &nayana

  5. Rachana's work is stunning!! I simply cant believe she is making jewellery as well.. wow!!

  6. Rachana makes some beautiful things. Love the first painting you showed, so vibrant and lovely.

  7. I like that sunflower necklace, so beautiful!

  8. awesome art and love the jewelry too!

  9. Nice feature, Nisha! I love Rachana's work. You are lucky to have won one of her art works.
    Happy Independence Day!

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for featuring my work and all CreationS here. I just saw update of your blog, and read all that encouraging words from you and your friends.
    Thank you all, thank you so much.
    Please stop by my blog for my recent / future updates.
    -Rachana Saurabh

  11. thx to all my friendz for ur encouraging words for a talented person like Rachana...

  12. Rachana a special thx to you...i just expect more such creations from u friend...