Friday, October 14, 2011

GoodEarth's "GOLKONDA" collection

          Good Earth unveils a design collection that pays tribute to the richness of Golkonda....It includes chandeliers, lamps, cut glass furniture, kalamkari bed linen and upholstery, and bidri work dinner sets....

            Asha Madani, a loyalist since the inception of the brand GoodEarth.... A native of Kerala, she incorporates the culture of her home state as well as rest of the Deccan region into her designs....

“Machilipatnam,” a collection of printed quilts and cushions, presents the traditional Kalamkari in contemporary hues.....

Her latest collection called ‘Srirangpatnam’ is inspired by Tipu Sultan’s tent that was taken away by the British.... The designer makes each design herself and has her heart stuck on the cushions....

There are also cushions in fine cotton and silk that have princes and princesses in their royal garb imprinted on them. Also available are bedspread and pillows in floral patterns.....
The symbol of Tipu Sultan, the tiger, is recreated on the cushions and upholstery while smaller cushions bear portraits of royal women against florescent colours....

 Lanterns in various shapes and sizes exude an old-world charm....

The brave soldiers of the royal army too find a place on plates, cups and trays.....Bidri, a craft of silver inlay work on black metal, is the inspiration for the designs on the dinnerware. The bowls, plates and cutlery come in kaleidoscopic patterns of black and fuchsia.....

variety of candles and diyas...


  1. Wow! Did you get to pick something up for yourself? I love the cushions by the way!

  2. Good Earth is here too,but I have not seen such lovely collections. Do they sell drapes material?
    The sofa/ chair cover is very attractive in the 1st picture, do they sell such materials?

  3. wow..cushions are so gorgeous...

  4. absolutely fascinating color combos n wish to search for Good Earth in my place...
    thanks for sharing dear n the inspiring words in my space. you made my day..TQ..:))
    Tasty Appetite

  5. wow...thats what i call designs...tipu sultan and the royal can recreate the battle scenes with these :)

  6. Wow, Nisha, I absolutely love her cushions...what a talented designer:)

  7. This is a very beautiful collection/brand I love the bright colours an te prints they use.

  8. Wonderful choices in quilts, lanterns, lamps.

  9. Lovely blog...... good work.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  10. These collection are gorgeous.

    and love your blog .

    Follow each other .