Monday, December 12, 2011

"ANTARA"- an exhibition of hand-crafted home de'cor

The Crafts Council of India celebrated 'Antara' or the music of interior spaces with the resonance of handicraft traditions brought into sleek,contemporary frames....the variety of crafts i found here impressed me coz of its creativity and intricate are some of the great picks for you.... 

Bamboo/Paper craft from Uttar Pradesh

the paper clocks been the centre of attraction...

the ethnic designed paper lamp....

Gond folk painting-the origin of this art is from 'Gondi' tribal people....

Dokra brass work from West Bengal

the mirror frames and wall hangings designed creatively....

this Dokra work is entirely different from the usual brass work...they are so perfect and unique...

Sanjhi-paper cut work from Uttar Pradesh

Mohan Soni of Mathura is the man behind this(paper cut work) who is doing a wonderful job and this one is his masterpiece...

Natural fibre from West Bengal

TamilNadu Craft palmyra wall hangings...

palmyra glass trays...

colorful palmyra baskets...

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  1. Wow, very beautiful collection ! WHere was this held ?

  2. Amazing pics and stunning art work. I can't help but be speel bound by the intricate work , colours and art work of all the people who were behind these creations..:))
    Where was this held??

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  4. Beautiful artwork. I haven't seen that paper cut work ever before. Thanks Nisha for sharing such lovely pictures.

  5. These are so beautiful,babe.
    Love them a lot :).

  6. Wonderful handicrafts. Each one better than the rest.

  7. The dokra work looks interesting... Love the intricate paper cut work and the colorful baskets from TN !!! Lovely post !!

  8. hi nisha, wow lovely looking with vibrant colors of beautifully intricate crafty works, a real feast to the eyes

  9. hi , where was ANTARA held? fantastic collection.
    how come we know about the crafts exhibition which are organised?
    plz do reply

  10. Beautiful handicrafts. I love the paper lamps.

  11. Interesting products... The paper cut work is so brilliant in terms of details. Love the bamboo paper art products... So much innovation in terms of medium and design.

  12. You were here?? You lucky girl!! Wow!! What a fabulous exhibition.. I’m sooooooooooo envious!

  13. the paper clocks and the paper lamps.... absolutely fantastic... :)