Thursday, February 16, 2012

Refurbish your Home with exotic cushions

My post today is, my long term collection(surfing) of cushion covers to revive your throw pillows and cushions this new year....there are exclusive range of designer cushion covers that bear a brilliant aesthetic sense.....also they are designed skillfully in uncommon designs....they are not just decorative but completes the look of the chair or sofa it go ahead, grab your wishlist and let me know your favourite.....

these pretty vivid cushions of ethnic designs from mishmash design make your home gorgeous, no doubt.....view their facebook page for more details....

creative,funky pillow covers from ben's creative....

grab these golconda collection cushions from goodearth....

Bollywood cushions and few more from urban barn....

pick up these ethnic designs from saffron marigold...

Bring in street graphics into your living room with these kitsch cushions from loose ends....view their facebook page for more details....

kye refers to hand and these pillows are beautifully made with kye products from here and here...

Be happily unmarried to keep these A-Z bewada style,hindi gaalis from happily unmarried...also can grab them from here and here...

ohhh you will go mad with these velvetty rose cushion covers from aa-living....visit their facebook page too....

popart cushion covers from pop goes the art...

to add colors to your home with Indian touch go with these silk border cushion covers from varnam....


  1. all drool worthy...hard to choose but I have soft corner for jodha akbar my mish mash designs:)

  2. Well i amazed with your cushion covers collection.. I have never seen before such exotic designs of cushion cover.. These are awesome.. I also wanna buy them can you give me any reference..

    Lehenga choli designs

  3. Oh!! How beautiful are all these cushions!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
    I am the kindda person that loves to collect diff types of cushions..
    Thanks 4 sharing!! :)

  4. Love love mishmash designs!! Thansk for stopping by my blog Nisha...and you are my first follower!!! you just made my day. Love your blog!

  5. I'm a big fan of Saffron and Marigold but I must say you did a great job of compiling all these goodies! Still vacillating between Saffron and Marigold and Varnam's

  6. OMG! You have got delightful collection of cushion covers.

  7. I love those pillows! I want those!
    Gorgeous blog, I am following! Please follow back!


  8. Love it! Me and my mom keep buying cushions <3


  9. Absolutely gorgeous cushions I sayyy

  10. wow..this looks awesome...very classy..!
    Tasty Appetite

  11. Do you really have such a large collection? It's beautiful!

  12. amazing cusions :)
    thank you for sharing ^^

    1. and thank you so much for lovely comment :) ^^
      Have a great day!

  13. nice... liked urban bans...and also bens creative if i could get the one with Aries :)

  14. Oh wow. I love this post. Cusions are my favorite. Adding color where much needed. :-) Loving the blog as well. So creative.

  15. cool...lovely collections...hav a plan to make cushions myself ...will see

  16. Beautiful collection of Cushion,All designs are based on old tradition.