Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The eco-friendly MITTICOOL and more....

          Hi friends, recently i came to know about Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a traditional potter from the small village of Wankaner in Gujarat who invented Mitticool(mud cool)'s a fridge, in which vegetables can remain fresh for five days and milk for two days, is made from clay and requires no electricity to runs on solar power...He is flooded with awards for his a art admirer I got stucked in his innovative creations which are eco-friendly and adorable...

       this is something that we have to replenish and use...itz the village people's fantasy come true which enhances their lifestyle... I would love to share with you some of his exciting innovations...

        Along with Mitticool, Mansukhbhai has developed a range of products in terracotta- such as pressure cooker (with a whistle), non-stick pans that can be used over a normal LPG flame, a 0.9-micron water filter, etc. wanna grab his creations? get them online from links are given respectively...

Mitticool Refrigerator via

Smart Cooker via

Water filter via

Magic pan via


  1. This is superb!! Thanks Nisha for sharing :)

  2. I wish there was more choice of this solar power inventions for the needy living in hot countries!

  3. Perfect for Chennai weather, Don;t you think ?

  4. This is just perfect for Indian conditions, Nisha:) Thanks for sharing!