Sunday, December 16, 2012


          First i welcome this Christmas month and wish everyone for joy and happiness....It's been a long time wish for me to make a fairy mobile and achieved it recently with my lil one...this craft could be apt to celebtate the Christmas with these fairies as angels for my i got the props for her and took couple hours to complete but the result is something adorable i feel....

let me tell the needed items first,
  • set of mobile hangers
  • pre-cut wings and leaves
  • pre-cut felt flowers
  • yarn
  • ribbon(pink color)
  • wooden beads
  • silk flowers
  • pipecleaner
  • silver string
  • glue,double-sided adhesive tapes,scissors,big needle
cut the pipe cleaners in length long(legs) and short(hands) and yarn for hair and give the fairy touch with flower skirt and butterfly wings attached.... 
make the butterfly with these silver strings tied over it tightly....

to make the mobile strings,
  • cut five lengths of yarn:two 50cm,two 45cm and one 30cm...thread the needle...pull the thread through the needle and leave one long and one short end...
  • after finishing the strings, it's time to add the fairies...use the needle to poke the yarn end firmly into the fairy's hair...
  • assemble the hanger....
  • cut the pink ribbon and tie it onto the hanger...
  • fasten the mobile strings to the frame....fairy mobile is ready now!
    hang this lovely creation and enjoy the fairies fly around in your house!!!!!!!!!